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Corn Diary!

Follow the progress of our delicious sweet corn as it grows and gets closer to being ready to pick and eat! Updates will happen bi-weekly.

Day 1

We have planted the first 4 varieties of sweet corn. We try to plant many varieties of corn to ensure that regardless of weather conditions and other factors we will have a variety that will survive and taste great!

Day 14

The corn broke through the surface of the ground about 3 days ago and already has a number of leaves. From this point on it will grow pretty rapidly. Most of the varieties that we plant take around 59-77 days to mature.

Day 28

Our corn is growing fast! It is nearly a foot tall now and has started to develope larger and more characteristically corn shaped leaves. Patience is definitely a virtue when you are a farmer!

Day 42

Our corn is now about 18 inches tall, about the same height as Roxy! Still a lot more growing to do though, it hasn't started to grow any cobs or tassles yet.

Day 56

The corn is now about 5 feet tall and has both tassles and cobs on it! The cobs are very small still and would not taste very good if you ate it right now.

Day 68

Our corn is finally ready! The cobs are now fully formed and ready for picking!

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