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Home Grown
Sweet Corn
Every year we grow around 30 acres of sweet corn. We mainly grow Gourmet Sweet corn which we believe is the best tasting sweet corn available. Gourmet Sweet corn is a non-gmo corn that produces large cobs with around a 30% sugar content, compared with Sugar Enhanced varieties that have about a 15-20% sugar content. Gourmet Sweet corn also has a great emergence rate and ripens more evenly, which means that almost all of the seed that we plant sprouts and grows into beautiful, delicious cobs of corn. While we do apply pesticide to our corn, pesticide is typically only applied 2-3 times to each planting of corn. We believe that with careful monitoring of pests and the use of pesticides we are able to produce a quality of corn that is second to none. To see the growing timeline of sweet corn click here.

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