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We pride ourselves on supporting local farmers for our all-natural, drug, hormone and additive free meats. We source as close
to home as possible and carry the finest quality. come experience some our delicious cuts. 



The majority of our beef is provided by Norpac Beef and is cut and packaged right in our store. It is all-natural, drug and hormone free, corn fed beef. We have many different cuts of steaks, roasts and hard to find cuts such as toungue, heart, and liver. 



Our pork is sourced from a local farmer just minutes from away from our farm. We do bring in additional pork from producers with the same values as us to meet demand for more popular cuts.



Our Chicken and poultry products are sourced from The Poultry Place and are of the highest quality. We have a variety of poultry products including chicken and turkey burgers, stuffed chicken breasts and schnitzel.



Our bison is provided by Saugeen River Bison, we have cuts including ground bison, patties, stewing meat and many steaks and roasts.



We are very happy to provide ostrich meat from White Rock Ostrich Farm. Technically considered a red meat it can be used in many different dishes, grilled as steaks, patties or even sausages.



The Turkeys that we sell at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are free range, drug and hormone free and grain fed. They are rasied by a neighbouring farm.


Rabbits and Ducks

The rabbits and ducks that we carry are raised in Ariss, ON by Top Market Rabbitry and are both tender and delicious.





Mosborough Country Market
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